AKTU New Grace Marks Rule

AKTU New Grace Marks Rule
AKTU New Grace Marks Rule
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University giving very big relief for their students. Now any student can take the benefit of 40 grace marks.
This means that students can use their 40 grace marks at any time,in any semester. 

Before the new grace marks rule, students can have only 10 grace marks in single year that is students have total 40 grace marks.
35000 students who failed exams in the past few years can take the benefit of this rule and get their degree.

New AKTU Grace Marks Rule

A student has privilege of using 40 grace marks in any year as per the requirement of the student. 

However, the new provision comes with a little problem that maximum of 15 grace-marks can be used to clear a particular subject and for this he/she should have scored at least 15 percentage marks in the end semester theory subject.
Exam controller Mr. J P Pandey had said that the new system will be applicable from the session (2016-17) and will benefit more than 35000 students in more than 600 colleges affiliated to AKTU University.
New AKTU Grace Marks Rule

Old AKTU Grace Marks Rule 

Students used to get 40 grace marks in a 4 year course but with the restriction that is only 10 grace marks can be used in a single year and maximum 5 grace marks to clear a subject.
Key-points :
> This rule is applicable to only those students who scored at least 15 percent marks in the subject. 
> You can get a total of 40 grace-marks.
> The new grace marks rule was approved on 09 July 2016 by the AKTU-Examination committee.
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How to get AKTU grace-marks?

There is no procedure or method of getting grace marks.You will awarded with this grace automatically.
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