A student need to get certain marks to pass in an examination which are conducted by AKTU.

The AKTU passing marks are considered as total marks which are obtained in a subject should have the sum of semester’s theory paper and practical examination and sessional work.

There are different passing required in different papers and subjects.

Let us see all the passing marks in the examination conducted by AKTU.

  • The least or minimum passing marks in each of the theory subject paper including sessional marks shall be 40%, in the end of the semester examination in each theory paper a student should secure minimum of 30%.
  • If there is no provision of any sessional marks in any of the subject then the minimum number of passing marks in all the subjects shall be 30% at the end of the semester examination.
  • The minimum or least passing marks required for a student in a project or practical subject with including sessional marks if any , it should be 50%.
  • A student need to secure at least 50% of the marks in the aggregate in a particular academic year, which includes both semesters of the academic year which are subjected to conditions.
  • The minimum or least passing marks which are required to gain by the student of AKTU in Seminar, Industrial Training and Educational Tour, Viva-Voce shall be 50%.

If the students of AKTU satisfies all the requirements, terms and conditions and satisfies above passing marks then the student is eligible for the next academic year.

If a student pass in the current academic year, then only he/she can enter into the next academic year of their education.

If a student need to pass in a subject to secure minimum marks of 30% of the maximum marks which are prescribed in the University Examination and 40% of marks in the aggregate marks in the semester subjects including sessional marks.

The minimum passing marks are 50% and the minimum passing Grade is “E”.

In order to pass a subject with 100 marks, one must score 30 marks out of 100.

In order to pass a subject with 50 marks, one should score 15 marks out of 50 marks.


Promotion : 

A candidate satisfying all the requirements mentioned above shall be promoted to the next academic year of study.