Ways to get the highest score in a semester examination of AKTU

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Ways to get the highest score in a semester examination of AKTU

Focus on concepts Yes , you should always have to focus on the concepts , I have seen many students just cramming all the time , they have done every question correctly and are expecting 95 but they end up with 50 . But then I have also seen many students getting more than 90 , those getting 90 have studied right from the beginning , no shortcuts for it sure.

Quality Don’t just write bullshit in your answers and expect good marks. Exception in the case you have no idea of the question.

Plan the paper : Just make sure about how much you are going to write about each question in how much time .Probability can be , you know a 5 marks question thoroughly and end up writing 3 pages about it in 20 minutes , that’s a blunder …. My point is , if it is a 5 mark question , never spend more than 10 mins and 15 mins in case of a 10 Mark question . No matter how much you know about it.

Attempt all questions : This is not valid for AKTU but for every exam (which do not have negative marking) … because if write correctly the question you know , you will hardly get 7/10 … and let assume you don’t know a answer and write something on it you will end up with 3/10 … these 3-3 marks makes a lot of difference in the final total.

Presentation : I don’t mean good handwriting (it’s a plus if you have good handwriting) but write clearly and cutting is a big NO-NO . If you have time in the end , do underline the headings . Try to answer every question on a fresh page … try it . It makes a lot of difference.

Diagrams : Diagrams plays a very important role in gaining marks.        But be sure that your diagram should be relevant to your answer.                Diagrams are eye catching, you answer looks awesome when an                  relevant diagram is drawn with it.