Tips and Tricks for aktu semesters

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If you want a high score in AKTU then score maximum as you can in your internal exams. I know many students who got 480/500.Now how does one can do that ?
Internals are given on the following basis-
Doesn’t matter how you score cheat , bribe , study , the choice is yours But don’t take them lightly.Try to score maximum as you can in first two sessionals.
So, there are three ways . First , You can take the easy one and actually go to college , hahahaha funny right,I am laughing too.
Well that’s not gonna happen.Second is to set your proxy in every class which may be difficult.
Third is to beg the teacher for attendance and marks .
Do not let the ego take its toll on the marks . Do anything to get the marks .
Don’t not skip assignment . Always carry A-4 size paper , stapler , a couple of files with you.Copy the assignment when you have the time and submit it .

Or you can always make the assignments , again LOL.

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If you have done all these things properly you have got your ass covered. you will get more than 450 .
Now For the semesters , external exams
1. If you are from core branch then try to study from the start of the semester . Don’t procrastinate .
2.Everybody knows about a little book called quantum . Definitely buy that and mug it before semesters . Sometimes questions are asked as it is in the exam .
3. And If you are from core branch actually try to study the textbook because its going to help you in the future when you will appear for GATE.

4.Most Important is the presentation . Use blue and black pens , make diagrams wherever possible , write in bold spacious handwriting and in points. You don’t have to write much , only make it appear so.

Fill upto 4 pages for 10 marks questions and 3 pages for 5 marks questions.Or Ask any girl how do they write in the exam .